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Beek-it is a simple search engine that was inspired by the final project of one of my courses. It builds upon the graph data structure. It uses depth-first traversal to crawl and index the webpages, which are stored in an XML format DB and serve as a proxy for actual webpages for this project.

For querying, I implemented standard keyword search as well as exact-phrase search (ignores punctuation). The query method returns the relevant webpages in descending order of their page ranks.

I wrote a blog post which goes in depth of fundamentals of how search engines work, and also explains this project in more detail. The post can be accessed here.

If you are wondering, the name of this search engine is a portmanteau of “seek” — which has the obvious meaning to search for something, exactly what a search engine does – and “bee” – which is due to the fact that this search engine is inspired by the final project of COMP 250 course and our first assignment was to create a bee vs hornet tower defence game!

The repo for this project is available here.