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Sarvasv Arora

Contemplatin' and vibin' ✨✔️
Computer Science and Statistics at McGill University
Montreal via New Delhi
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McGill University (September 2020 - Present)
GPA: 4.0

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree at McGill University as a Computer Science major, along with a minor in Statistics. My current coursework includes Applied Linear Algebra, Probability, Programming languages and Paradigms, Intro to Computer Architecture, and Data Structures and Algorithms.
I have also participated in a few hackathons such as BOLT McGill Hackathon, and McHacks.

Banasthali Public School (April 2018 - March 2020)
GPA: 95.6%

I graduated high school from Banasthali Public School as a school topper. Here, I was involved with the CS club, and participated in several olympiads/quizzes and achieved good results in a few. My senior year research projects were related to analyzing the affect of various bleaching agents on diffenrent types of fabrics; and investigating changes in magnetic behaviour of permanent magnets in extreme tempretures.

Relevant Work Experience

The NYAS Junior Academy (December 2019 - December 2020)

This is a competitive entry program by The New York Academy of Sciences for students of age 13-18 years. I got to work on a research project along with four other exceptional people. We proposed our solution on creating a smart home focussed on solving current healthcare challenges. The final deliverable is available here.
Being a member, I also had the opportunity to attend several informative talks and workshops conducted by NYAS.


I’ve won a few awards too. Some of them are:

  • James McGill Prestige scholarship at McGill. This was offered to me for exemplary academic and extracurricular achievement in high school.
  • Full tuition merit scholarships at UT Dallas, Michigan State University, The University of Arizona, and Aalto University (Finland). [Didn’t accept]
  • AP Scholar with Honor for scoring 3 or higher in four or more AP exams.
  • Junior Science Talent Search Examination (JSTSE) scholarship from the Government of Delhi. This is offered to the top 100 rankers (~20000 participants). I ranked 27th.


Programming Languages

I often program in Python and Java. I am also familiar with C/C++, JavaScript, shell scripting, git, HTML/CSS and have recently started getting my hands dirty with OCaml.

ML stuff

I have always enjoyed learning Math and have so far received formal education in Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus and Probability. Due to this, I’ve been able to self-learn stuff about machine learning through MOOCs. I mostly use the Tensorflow, Keras and SciKit Learn for ML projects I’ve indulged in so far. I’m currently exploring sequence models and the field of NLP.

Office Suit

I am proficient in writing markdowna and LaTeX, and using productivity apps like Notion.


Please browse this website for more information on me. My socials are linked on the sidebar. You can also grab my resumé here.