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Today was a long day. I had an afternoon picnic with my friends. Everyone was excited to meet each other after a long-drawn summer and we chatted for hours. Now I am sitting by the Lachine Canal with my bike parked alongside me. The weather is pleasant. A bit windy for my taste, but pleasant regardless.

Several people are sitting on the pier across me, some even brought portable chairs with them. Some are relaxing on the grass, while some are taking a stroll by the water. I wonder what’s going on in their minds. Are they looking forward to a nice Sunday brunch, or reminiscing their best friend’s shenanigans from Friday night’s party? Are they still worrying about the upcom- ing deadline their boss has been on their toes with them, or maybe they are observing me back, ha!

Across the pier, I see two people kayaking. A man is racing with a woman, who I assume is his girlfriend. They’re locked in a heated competition, and there’s something rather sweet about that. The kayaks look like lovebirds to me, flying together in the sea of air without a worry about this world. I have never kayaked before but I most definitely will try it out this semester. Part of me wants to go up to them and ask where they rented the kayaks from, but I realize that I can’t fly out to reach them.

As my gaze was slowly moving rightwards following this couple, my eyes brushed past a woman walking her cute, fluffy dog (I think it is a Pomeranian) that instantly reminded me of my adorable cat. Oh how much I love her! She’s just 4 months old but has a very brave personality for a cat that young. She takes her time exploring any new environment she’s put in, and is very calm and affectionate around new people. I will most definitely bring her to this spot sometime in the future. I bet she would love loafing on the grass beside me.

And as I continue to mesmerize this moment, the sky gradually reflects majestic shades of purple. I ready myself for a satisfying sunset and get back to biking from my extended water break.