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Just a Dream Life
In the absurdity of life’s grand scheme, It’s a bell that rings,
live humans: afloat as cream not when the hour strikes twelve.
within a cup of coffee; It’s a fate that brings
For it is but just a dream not what we expect or delve.
to blend in and be free. It’s life.

Both poems convey the concept of absurdism, each taking a slightly different approach.

The first poem portrays life as floating amidst a larger, grander scheme of things as symbolized by cream floating within the vastness of the coffee cup. It touches upon the human intent of dreaming and seeking freedom — finding meaning in life as suited to the individual.

The second poem demonstrates the unpredictability of life, highlighting the essence of random and absurdist elements using irregular imagery that is usually assumed to be regular.

Either poem conveys the subject very well, irrespective of the choice of vowel sounds (first one uses words with longer vowel sounds, second one shorter). Which one is better, depends on how the reader perceives them. In my opinion, either poem seems better than the other as I read it — or so is what would be an absurd answer!