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Contemplatin' and vibin' ✨✔️
Computer Science and Statistics at McGill University
Montreal via New Delhi
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In the delicate balance of rhymes,
Words find meaning.
Whispers of thoughts confined,
Leave my soul redeeming.
But amidst the cacophony of life, I am but a mime;
Or so I am scheming.
To write a poem so sublime,
For you to glean in.

I have always enjoyed reading poetry and admired it as an art that converts the usual into something more profound and beautiful. This admiration, with an innate urge to see myself holding the pen and inking down a beautiful image of words, eventually led me to try creative writing.

I write poems to express my emotions, and beyond just being a creative outlet, it enables me to stay open to new experiences and knowledge. It is therapeutic, helping me make sense of life’s complexities, and serving as a constant reminder that we are not alone in our feelings and struggles.

I want my poetry to be accessible and widely read. I hope that my words resonate with people, creating a shared experience through the ups and downs of life. I also aim to write on niche subjects and cultures that are usually unheard of, not getting the attention they deserve.