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Sarvasv Arora

Contemplatin' and vibin' ✨✔️
Computer Science and Statistics at McGill University
Montreal via New Delhi
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Sarvasv Arora

सर्वस्व अरोड़ा

Me @4 with my sister @2 (in background: Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai)

About me

Hello, world! I’m a fourth year student at McGill University, studying Computer Science and Statistics.
My academic interests include distributed and large scale systems, cloud computing, applied machine learning, backend software development, and shell scripting.
When I’m not grinding assignments right before the deadline, job hunting, or converting coffee into code, I like to hang out with my friends, bike/walk around the city, go hiking, listen to music, or read.
Feel free to ping me for having convos about CS, life as an international student, or pretty much anything else in general!


I am currently in the last semester of my undergraduate degree, mostly focussed on coursework and job hunting. I am also изучаю русский язык (learning Russian language) and exploring my hand at creative writing (see some of my works under “Deets”).

Contact me

For collaborations and advising, please contact me via my email.
If you have any questions or critical comments regarding my blog posts, please post your questions under the blog post.

Otherwise, my DMs are always open.


If you feel that this website seems (kinda) familiar, then you’re not wrong! It’s based on the famous Minimal Mistakes theme powered by Jekyll.

Big shoutout to Jordi Pont-Tuset; much of the initial code for this website came from his repository, with some major tweaks done by me.