Let's play Simon!

How to Play

  • Press the Power Button to turn Simon ON. After the Startup Dance, press the START Button to start playing the game. The current level for that game will be displayed.
  • Simon will give the first signal. (One of the Color Lenses will light up, accompanied by a tone.)
  • Repeat that signal by touching the same Color Lens.
  • Simon will repeat the first signal and then add one more.
  • Repeat those two signals in the same order.
  • Simon will continue to play the sequence and add one. Continue to repeat Simon till you win!

Strict Mode

At any time, you can choose to turn Strict Mode ON/OFF by pressing the Strict Button. With strict mode on, if you play a wrong move, the game will automatically restart from level one. Without the Strict Mode, however, Simon will restart playing from the last level you played wrong.

Max Level

You can set the level needed to win by entering the level number below. By default, the max level is 20. You cannot change level while a game is running.

Current Max Level: 20

Made with by Sarvasv Arora