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Sarvasv Arora

Contemplatin' and vibin' ✨✔️
Computer Science and Statistics at McGill University
Montreal via New Delhi
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If you found my content useful or would want to encourage me for what I’m doing, I’d really appreciate if you buy me a coffee!

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How do I even pronounce your name?

Aha! I get this question a lot, especially by non-Hindi speakers. So spill the tea? It’s simple — just break it down into three syllables. Sir. Wus. And a subtle “w” sound at the end (the way you’d pronounce the word “were”, without the “ere”). sir-wus-were. Simple, innit?

My eyes!! Where’s the dark mode??

Ah! Am I even a CS student if my website uses a light theme. LoL. Jokes aside, the theme didn’t come with a dark mode and I am working on adding that. Expect it to roll out very soon. Hang tight buddy!

How do I follow and get updates for this website?

The best way to follow and get updates is to subscribe to RSS Feeds. There are a couple of tools and websites that help you get subscribed, such as Feeder and its Google Chrome extension RSS Feed Reader, or Feedly. I sometimes post links to new blog posts and articles on my Twitter as well, but there is no guarantee for that.

How do I support this website?

If you like this website, sharing the website in your social network, distributing the website to other websites, leaving comments and questions under the website content, and providing constructive feedbacks are the best ways to support.

If you found my content useful or would want to encourage me for what I’m doing or would want to support an international student pay his bills, I’d really appreciate if you buy me a coffee!

For small code snippets, they would be included in the website content. For larger projects, please find it on my GitHub.

I like your website, where can I find the theme?

I’m planning to open source this website as a theme once I’m done adding all the design features I planned and polishing the code (those evil inline CSS looking at me rn +_+).

However, if you are curious, here’s a link to the original Minimal Mistakes theme, and a link to the initial code behind this website.