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Ok, let’s be frank, you’d probably not be interested in reading this post (I promise more interesting deets soon). So, you’re free to sneak by 🤫
I’m writing this more as a form of memoir (more like memeoir) for this website.

I gave it several thoughts while deciding to make a personal website, if it’d be a good idea that I write too! Turns out it is, and I am so down for it. There are several reasons that lead me to do so…

Enables me to have a platform to share what I learn

This is a pretty obvious thing, and I feel it’s satisfying to do that. Moreover it’s a double kill as Sir Feynman said, teaching is the best way to learn things. Presenting my findings in a concise way helps me retain the stuff better, and benefits the potential reader as well.

Helps in tracking my progress

I’ve always been a believer in the fact that “I am my sole competitor” (helps in discarding most of the toxicity that I might perceive otherwise); and in respect for that it’s a fruitful task to keep a log of the stuff I’m learning over time. In hindsight, I’d be able to keep track of how much I’ve improved and make sure to have a conscious thought to not slack off.

Keep a collection/memory of puns

I try to keep my writing as enjoyable as possible, and often end up including puns or fun sic erat scriptum’s as someone else said them while explaining me the concept. I find it awesome to be able to have fun reading my own posts in the future, if I some day decide to come back at these posts again. Well, it would also remind me of the fun aspects of the journey as opposed to the ones that made the me cry, ehh, drink even more coffee.

Recruiters, please see this (!!)

Lastly, it’s nice to have an online presence, for professional purposes. It makes networking with people easier because they can now have a look over my past ventures.
For people who’re not recruiters, but just want to connect — maybe for school purposes or whatsoever — it’s interesting to explore someone else’s journey and previous experiences; helps in finding a common ground to talk about.

And, I think that’s it! It’s a well thought decision and I feel like I’m going to have fun maintaining a blog. Definitely excited to see how this goes. Till then, cya!